Today marks the beginning of the Spring Semester of the Immeasurably More Ladies Bible Study at my church. It’s designed to meet the needs  working & stay-at-home moms by being both short and sweet. We meet for 25 minutes of teaching, followed by 25 minutes of small group discussion.

These ladies may or may not know it, but many, many years ago, it was small group Bible study that saved my life. It singularly revived my sense of self-worth and put me on a path of purpose that I’ve yet to leave. Every morning, my heart beats to help other women – just like me – find their worth and purpose in these ancient words placed in print by the loving, wise, Holy Spirit of God.

Very recently, I found a YouTube video published by a young, obviously intelligent and passionate woman with a beautifully sweet face, but who was bearing a Divine grudge. She went on in two separate videos to describe Christianity as a soul-sucking, esteem-crushing worldview, from which she had narrowly escaped.

So, prompted by her enthusiasm, I created my own video to show that Christianity is actually the worldview that elevates the value of human life, and Atheism that diminishes it. You can watch it here…

Now, as an atheist, she is determined to help others – especially those her age – see the freedom in irreligion. Unless something drastic happens, she’ll never experience the life-changing, hope-breathing, purpose-defining, value-elevating message of the Cross which these small-group Bible studies aim to bring.

Research into the irreligion of American youth has elicited a few important facts you need to remember if you are the mom of a student (or plan to be someday):

Its why The SpoonFed Soul exists – To bring discipleship and apologetics to moms and young women everywhere.  I’d love to have you follow me on any of my social media, subscribe to my YouTube channel, or read my blogposts so that together, we can reach the Next Generation for Christ.

P.S. – This week’s videos include a 5-minute Scriptural Meditation on our Value in Christ here, and a step-by-step Bible Study on 1 Peter 1:18-19, which teaches us how to know our Self-Worth to God, here.