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Meet Your Server at the SpoonFed Soul!

Hi, I’m Lori!

My soul is fed, spoonful by spoonful, in my daily quiet times with God, until I’m alive with a purpose which is powered by truth.

But it hasn’t always been that way! At one time, I was defeated and discouraged; feeling empty in the loneliest sense.

Many years have passed since the days I spent bemoaning the despair and hopelessness I felt over my broken-down life. At the time, I held precious little preference for life over death. For some reason, in the middle of my darkness, Jehovah God whispered light and life into my spirit.

I responded positively to His invitation to “…follow Me this time” and I’ve never been the same!

If you and I were having coffee right now, I’d reach over, grab your hand, and urge you not to miss out on the blessings of God in your life simply because you don’t understand Him, or aren’t even certain that He exists.

He does exist. And He is for you, not against you.

In December of 2016, I graduated from Biola University with a Master’s Degree in Christian Apologetics. I didn’t even know I loved apologetics until I found Biola’s program and subsequently enrolled in it. Now, I’m an apolojunkie!

I’ve been speaking for women’s ministries and youth groups for over a decade, and one of my greatest passions is guiding women through prayer journaling; it is one of the most effective ways to stay grounded and growing in the Word of God. Now, more than ever, we need a Biblical Worldview, both for ourselves and our neighbors, but especially for the guidance and growth of our children.

I’m continually revising my speaking topics to include things that are important for understanding our faith in Christ, and more importantly, sharing Him with others!

Thank you for visiting the SpoonFed Soul, and I encourage you to check out all of the free resources that I’ve created for you to feed your soul, one spoonful at a time!