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Speaking Topics Include:

The Coffee Chronicles: Do you feel a calling toward a deeper prayer life but lose traction when you try to get started? Can you relate to having scads of prayer needs but only scant prayer time? Are you unsure how you’d find the motivation to pray regularly? This session will provide listeners with:

  • A system for organizing one’s prayer needs based on frequency of need
  • A guide for formatting one’s daily prayer life
  • Assistance in formulating daily Scriptural application
  • Encouragement in the development of a Biblical Worldview


The End Game: This session takes a breathtaking look at the Bema Seat of Christ and what believers will experience when we get there. Refresh your passion for the Word. Recharge your spirit. Reconnect with your real reason for living. Rekindle your first love. Listeners will find:

  • A cure for people-pleasing
  • A renewed sense of purpose and direction
  • A fresh glimpse of hope and encouragement in difficult situations
  • A greater understanding of individual ministry opportunities


Miss Congeniality: The Top 3 Worldviews Competing for Your Soul (& the Souls of Your Kids!): We are called to proclaim the truth of Christ, but facing opposing viewpoints makes even the bravest among us get bashful…How should I respond when someone claims that there is “no proof” for God? What if someone asks a question I can’t answer? Can I confidently present the changeless truth of Christ in a rapidly changing world? This reassuring session equips believers with tools for:

  • Recognizing alternate and unbiblical worldviews in everyday encounters with others
  • Finding points of agreement as a basis of fruitful discussion
  • Employing the concept of Truth for detangling complex worldview issues
  • Making the case for the Christian Worldview


Topic of your choice: I’m always revising my speaking topics to reflect my current study and writing, so don’t be afraid to request a topic of your choice! I’m also very open to revising one of the above topics to fit your situation more precisely. My goal is to help your women develop a passion for personal Bible Study, a more Christ-like character, a thorough Biblical Worldview, and a bold spirit for sharing Christ with those in need. I’m happy to try to accommodate your particular needs!

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